Social Media, Meet Business. Business, Meet Social Media.

Social media marketing is a game and with the right strategy, you can master it. How do you make posting social media for business work for your company? Quality over quantity. Social media platforms each offer their own marketing tools. As a company, it is important to identify what your business goals are and where to find your audience. More importantly, it’s necessary to understand the differences between platforms and how people use them. Check out Buffer’s top ten goals when it comes to using social media for your business and Business News Daily for a breakdown down each social media platform and how you can use each channel for your business.

When building content for these channels, it is important to recognize that pushing advertisements no longer works. Savvy consumers want to be apart of something big, they want to be given an experience rather than a speech. The easiest way is to share your unique story and take on a more relationship-building approach.

6 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Business

  1. Listen. Always listen to your consumers through their comments and behavior online. This can help to inform you of ways to improve your business as well identify areas to invest more into.

  2. Respond. Stay active with your brand. Gaining follows? Thank them! Customers messaging and commenting? Respond! Nothing is worse than having a customer rant and rave about how great you are on Yelp or Facebook and you say nothing. Think of it as if someone said something nice to your face and you just stared back at them. Awkward, right?

  3. Optimize. Become best friends with SEO. You will see a change that will boost your company’s brand. It’s all a game, so play by the rules of search engines and everyone wins.

  4. Be Relevant. Keep your trends relevant with hashtags and tagging others, but do not overuse! Keep things fresh and exciting!

  5. Add Value. Make sure you are posting what the audience wants! Your posts are for their benefit – and soon you will gain their trust. The online content market is completely oversaturated, so give your audience something that will add value to their lives. No to junk. Yes to gold.

  6. Play nice. Keep it friendly with the competition. In fact, follow them as they could help you in the future.

Those are a few quick tips on how you can make the most of your social media for business.

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