Digital Marketing: The Who, What & Why

So you’re thinking about implementing a digital marketing strategy for your business. But where do you begin…and how? Do phrases such as content creation, conversions, search engine optimization and pay-per-click send you into a tizzy? In this article, we’ll walk you through the who, what, why and how of digital marketing so that your business can reach more customers and save money while doing so.

Digital marketing is the strategy of promoting and selling goods and services online. It has similar objectives to traditional marketing (think Super Bowl commercials and roadside billboards) but with unique strategies specifically targeted to the online consumer (like video content and Google display ads). A strong digital marketing strategy is critical to connecting your business with customers—and it’s almost entirely how business is conducted today. Digital marketing is so common, in fact, that your customers expect an online presence to learn more about your brand. Fortunately, digital marketers can use a plethora of ways to connect with these customers. The key benefits of creating an appropriate strategy of digital communication are:

  1. Brand awareness. Customers can learn about your brand effortlessly through text and imagery on your website, as well as informational posts on your social media or blog, and easy-to-find links on Google searches related to your brand.

  2. Reach. With digital marketing, your brand can connect with customers all over the world instantaneously. More eyeballs mean more dollars.

  3. Cost. Digital marketing is more effective and less expensive than traditional TV or print advertisements. Many of the tools available come at little to no cost, as long as you know how to use them.

  4. Data. You have the ability to track the impact of your strategy in real-time with intricate analytics dashboards that don’t exist with traditional advertisements.

With an experienced digital marketing team by your side, your brand can effortlessly and beautifully attain an online presence. ALX Creatives specialize in building the most effective strategy for your brand—whether it be redesigning your website, creating a professional Instagram or Facebook, or curating imagery that conveys your company’s values. We invite you to connect here to start a conversation about the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business.

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