ALX |noun| 

: a fiercely-driven creative strategy

In a sentence:  It can be seen in every word ALX writes, image ALX creates, and brand ALX builds. 


Your ALX photographer takes a picture that jumps out of a frame, coming alive on the screen. 


Your ALX copywriter writes prose that make social media posts read like poetry. 

Your ALX digital strategists find the nexus of where data points meet living, breathing humans.


Your ALX graphic designer tells stories through design, creating images intended for maximum impact. 


Your ALX community managers engage and befriend your customer, every chat is a conversation, every user is a friend. 


Our strategy. Your story. 


ALX, fiercely-driven creatives, because we love what we do.




ALX Creatives is a full-service, strategically driven agency. Fueled by opportunity, creativity, community, and coffee. We have spent over a decade helping companies find their voice and build their communities online.

Compiled of digital media strategists, social media experts, graphic designers, web designers, photographers, and videographers, our team brings an integrated, holistic approach to brands.

By empowering our clients to find their own vision, we help their big ideas become one powerful story across multiple platforms.

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"From the moment I came to ALX Creatives, Alex and her amazing team were so supportive of my project and my vision for the future. Through in-depth conversation, ALX took the ideas in my head and brought them to full fruition, adding their own brilliant ideas to mine. They elevated my brand so effectively that the volume of requests for my business tripled once my new website went live. Thank you, ALX Creatives!"

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ALX Creatives is based out of New York City and Chicago. We are always looking to build our community and connect with new people. Please send us a message, we want to chat!


Office: 620 N LaSalle Dr, 205,

Chicago, IL, 60654



Tel: 646-694-1034


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