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The idea of a world where all things are created equal seems hypothetical, in reality, for many there are difficult barriers that come with using technology. Although digital technologies can improve circumstances for the majority, they are not always accessible to all. Inclusive technology aims to soften the differences in everyday life for the one in four Americans living with disabilities. It is up to every industry to work within their means to accommodate that. 

The tech industry has developed many of the products and devices we use to work, communicate, and run our daily lives. For people with disabilities, these advantages are even more important. In recent years, technological advancements have begun to provide equity to people with disabilities and the challenges they face, such as speaking, traveling, reading, and writing. There is utmost importance the need for inclusivity in tech, and here are some things we focus on along the way: 

1. Represent your audience accurately – Work with people with disabilities who get it

Companies such as Generation Unlimited have revolutionized the development of prosthetics through 3D printing. Putting young people in the driver’s seat to change their social outcome through science, developed by teenagers, for teenagers. They worked closely with amputees and people with deformities to create a real solution through technology. 

2. Let’s not just make sure that it works, but that it works well – Improved user experience (UX)

User experience is important for ensuring technological effectiveness and ease of use. All modifications make a huge impact, regardless of whether it’s web browsing, navigation assistance, or keyboard shortcuts. Read along to see how the Tech Giants make this a priority.

3. It starts at the top – Get leaders in tech on board for the importance of accessible technology

The UN is setting the standard by making one of its 17 sustainable goals – Reduced Inequalities. The idea behind this goal is to alleviate the disparity in opportunity for more vulnerable communities. Making accessibility the intention of every major tech company is imperative in leveling the playing field. 

4. Invest in assistive technology

If you can, investing in assistive technology is the best way to accelerate the frontier of the tech industry. Looking for somewhere to start? You’ve come to the right place. The Assistive Tech impact Fund has been created to allow you to invest in  the most promising AT ventures in Africa.

Although many solutions are already underway, we have a long way to come in the expansion of assistive technology.