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ALX Sales Vs. Marketing

The Art of Navigating Sales vs Marketing in 2024

As champagne corks flew and the ball dropped on 2023, perhaps you were much like…

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5 Ways to Use AI as a Marketing Agency

As AI becomes increasingly accessible, companies have access to a variety of tools and platforms…

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Dos and Don’ts of Marketing

Effective marketing is an ongoing process. It requires continuous experimentation, testing, and optimization to build…

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How to apply Web3 to your Branding Campaigns 

Trying to understand web3 and how it fits into your next brand campaign? You are…

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Creating Hype around a New Product

1. Give your audience a sneak peek When it comes to creating hype on social…

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Mental Health in the Workplace

The pandemic has affected a lot of people’s mental health, and this shouldn't come as…

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