New York :
ALX, 67 West Street #401, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Chicago :
1117 N. Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610


Sarah Rahal, MD, wanted a branding experience that spoke to her science-backed immune defense supplements and customers alike. From logo design, packaging, and e-commerce website development, ALX was hired to bring Sarah's vision for her startup to a buzzing brand online.


Brainstorming mood boards and researching ideas were essential to bring this brand to life. Navigating through legal obstacles for a brand name and an identity that stood out from its competition eventually led us to curate a well-developed brand identity for ARMRA. We worked with our research team to run quantitative and qualitative research groups. With that data, we defined our strategies to bring this product to market.


ARMRA is now a thriving D2C business online and breaking into the online retail industry. They are working quickly to become a leading supplement in their respective market.