New York :
ALX, 67 West Street #401, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Chicago :
1117 N. Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610


CEU Technologies had come a long way since its first website 6 years ago and was looking to position itself as an experienced, but affordable cloud-based IT solutions company. A logo and website redesign was in the pipeline for CEU Technologies to take the company to the next level.


A robust website designed in WordPress along with a logo redesign gave CEU Technologies a much-needed makeover. The list of growing IT services offered by CEU Technologies was organized using a dedicated information hierarchy for better UX (user-experience). In addition, ALX was assigned to put in place a process and system for content marketing strategies, such as Social Media, and blogs.


We measure success by CEU Technologies' satisfaction it's standing in the current market. They are now able to align their website and messaging with their business goals.