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1. Give your audience a sneak peek

When it comes to creating hype on social media, it’s about the long game. Create a strategy that slowly launches the product. Start with a story to let your audience know something is coming… but don’t let out the news just yet! Follow up with a teaser image of the product and enough detail to pique their curiosity, but not enough to kill the surprise. 

Giving a glimpse of the product and the vision behind it will add a new level of interest to your brand. Keep the people guessing and they won’t be able to stay away. 

2. Put out video content

Bring the action. Video posts on social media get 48% more views. There is no better way to grab your audience’s attention than to show them a buzz video to spark their interest. Get creative with how you market your brand – you want to put the focus on the innovation behind the product to reflect its quality. 

3. Make  a point of where you started 

When it comes to creating hype it’s important to appeal to your brand’s day-one followers. Remind them of the origins of your company with a reference to your longest-running products. Prove that you have been great, and it’s only getting better. Hint at the evolution of your products and show off how far you’ve come. 

Sharing the history of your brand is important for humanizing the image behind it. Looking back to show why you started and looking forward to showing how you’re building a successful legacy. 

4. Collaborate with leaders in the community

Giving out the product before it’s officially available will add a new level of exclusivity to your product. Can’t hate from outside the club, if you can’t even get in. Through collaborations with known users of your product, you will display the positive relationship between your brand and the product. As a result, your followers and brand engagement will increase.

Compile UGC featuring your product to post as a consistent reminder of the quality and appreciation of your product. Once your audience sees that something new is coming, and they could benefit from it too, they will be compelled to find out what the hype is about. 

5. Take pre-orders 

Give your product an aspect of exclusivity with an option of pre-order. This will make customers invested in the product. They will have no option but to tell their friends and family the new and exciting product they have on the way. No one wants to be late for the party, and that’s on brand loyalty.